Best Fortnite Creative Codes

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The Most Creative Custom Maps on Fortnite

For starters, Fortnite is an online video game that was first released in the year 2017. It is currently available in three different modes. It is a highly popular online game. It has won several nominations and awards in three years!

Fortnite Create is a variant of the game where one can claim their island and design the island according to their wish. This is a platform for some of the best players to show their creative side. If you have the creative code for a particular map/island created by a gamer, you can access the map and play in it. The creator should share their creations for other players to be able to access and play.

As they say, there is no limit to creativity; some gamers have created amazing custom maps, which we are going to take a look at. The following emerged as the best Fortnite creative codes which every gamer should view at least once!

Gamer playing Fortnite game on Nintendo Switch

1. The Room, Creator – Rynex, Island code – 3489-2263-1152

The room is filled with lasers, codes and tricky math puzzles. It is recommended for experienced players as the difficulty level is high. A maze of death traps is laid out, and you need to make your way out within 35 minutes.

If you are someone who likes cracking codes and solving puzzles within a time limit, you will surely love this map! The code has been copied 1159 times which itself suggests its popularity.

2. The Legend of Zelda, Creator – MustardPlays, Island Code – 2326-3456-6999

This is one of the best Fortnite creative codes ever created. This custom map draws inspiration from the classic Legend of Zelda game of the yesteryear. Although there are no apparent enemies on the surface level, the player has to complete a series of nine dungeons.

Each dungeon is an elaborate puzzle in itself. Upon solving each dungeon, they collect a piece of TriForce and finally unite all the nine pieces they have collected. The creator has also hidden thirty coins all over the map.

3. Junkyard Jake, Creator – WC19-creators, Island Code – 1113-6823-4725

This map was featured in the first Fortnite World Championship. This is a prop hunt game. The aim is to collect junk and get it to the incinerator located at the center of the map to gain points. Some teams can also pose as hunters.

Hunters are blinded once in a while. Props change positions during that time, which makes hunting more enjoyable. In all, it is created reliably.

4. Detective Stories: Isabelle, Creator – WertAndrew, Island Code – 1268-5357-8081

Built with an investigative style, you will easily get hooked to this custom map. Isabelle Russel has disappeared. You need to find the required clues and investigate the case. The puzzles are tricky and may even get maddening at times.

But all the thinking and solving are probably worth it, as the creator has released multiple sequels for this popular map.

Have fun exploring the best Fortnite creative codes discussed above!