Best Fortnite Names Generator

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Get the Most Creative Names for Fortnite

‘Ninja,’ ‘TSM Myth’, ‘Hogman,’ ‘Baldy’ …These names are as popular as the game Fortnite. When you start playing an online game, the first step is choosing a name. The name should reflect the kind of player you are.

It should be something unique; something that hasn’t been registered before. It should be easy to remember and also have a catchy feel to it, just like the best players of the world have.

Given the fact that the number of gamers joining Fortnite is only increasing exponentially, choosing a cool username can be a back-breaking task. Are you scratching your head to find a name that reflects your style of playing?

Are you finding it difficult to find a name that aptly describes your skills? Worry no more! To help you with this seemingly impossible task, we have listed down the best Fortnite names generator below!

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1. SpinXO

Unlike some random username generators available online, SpinXO considers some keywords given by the user, to generate a cool Fortnite name.

There are six fields the user needs to fill – Your name or nickname, your hobbies, numbers or letters you want in your username, what are you like, the things you like and any critical words you would like to be included in your username.

After filling all the fields, you have to click the ‘spin’ button. Per spin, about 30 different names are generated. Based on the information you have entered, a few related keywords are also suggested to you.

There is another interesting facility. You can tap on a particular username and check its availability too. If it is taken, you may perhaps add or remove a few characters to arrive at a unique username.

2. Gener8rs

This generator may give you a username that is as personalized as the ones that SpinXo generates. It is still worth a try, though. You can choose the length of your Fortnite name. You can choose between short, regular and extended.

You also have a choice between a pure alphabetical name or an alphanumeric name. Once you click the button, a unique username is generated for you. You can keep trying for better names by changing your choices and trying different combinations.

3. NickFinder

This is perhaps the best Fortnite names generator due to the variety of options one has while looking for username ideas. The website randomly generates a set of Fortnite names. The usernames generated are of a wide range. Some have fancy fonts in them. Some have numeric characters. The inclusion of special characters and symbols is also one of the options.

4. Meebily

This is not a name generator per se. It is still included in our list of best Fortnite names generator because of the myriad of ideas it provides. The website is useful for beginners as there is some advice on how to choose a cool Fortnite name. There are almost more than 260 username ideas for Fortnite players.


Having said all of this, not even the best Fortnite names generator can compete with the human mind. The creativity of the human mind is limitless.

So, what is our final word? Make use of the name generators just to get a rough idea. Tweak the usernames as per your creativity to arrive at a genuinely unique Fortnite name.