Best Fortnite Players

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The Coolest Players of Fortnite from Across the World

The online gamers community is a separate world in itself. Every online game has a set of top players who have some amazing statistics and personal records. These are the people who are not only famous for their skills but are also respected by the gaming community.

hands of boy with play station controller playing with Fortnite

Here, we have tried to compile the best Fortnite players of all time.


Tyler Belvins, better known by his Fortnite name ‘Ninja’ is probably the undisputed king of Fortnite. Ninja’s name is almost synonymous with the game itself. He has dominated the game like nobody ever has.

He has made significant contributions to bring e-sports to the mainstream. He is an extremely popular Twitch streamer and was even crowned the Top Twitch Channel for the year 2018.

He amassed a whopping 226.85 million hours of views in just one year(2018).

On the Fortnite leader board, he stands second in all-time wins and tops all-time kills list. His statistics are great because he isn’t a pro Fortnite player.

A positive take away from this young gamer is, he has raised and donated over a million dollars to many social causes (suicide prevention, Alzheimer’s awareness, etc. for instance) through Fortnite charity events.


All of 22, Turner Tenney is a Twitch streamer from the US who takes the 2nd position in our list of the best Fortnite players. His skills are unmatched. In September 2018, he created an unbelievable record of 57 kills in a single match on PC.

He has had numerous Friday Fortnite wins. He has earned more than 500,000 dollars through Fortnite match streaming.

It is not surprising that he has a vast fanbase too. Like Ninja, Tfue also streams his matches. He has 6 million followers on Twitch and about 10 million followers on Youtube. His skills, coupled with his popularity, have earned him a membership with the FaZe clan.


At 13, Mongraal has proved to be a teen prodigy. He rose to fame when he was chosen to be a part of Team Secret. He has shown that age is just a number, by playing consistently with the players much elder to him.

He has even won a Friday Fortnite tournament. The win came by after he, along with his teammate Dementos knocked out many highly skilled players such as Hogman and Baldy.

TSM Myth

Ali Rabbani, aka ‘Myth’ is one of the best Fortnite players. When TSM ventured into Fortnite, Myth was the first player to be chosen as a member of the team. During the early days of Fortnite, Myth exhibited extraordinary building skills.

Back then, when building to climb mountains was what most players did, Myth had already started building towers to defend himself.

He has given himself a nickname – ‘The Architect.’ He has lived up to that name too, by being one of the best builders of the game. His net worth is believed to be about a million dollars!


Although not proven, rumours are saying that some of these pro Fortnite gamers used cheats at the early stage of this game.

These cheats or hacks (you can find some here) might not make you play better per se, but they do give you an advantage overall, so it’s considered cheating.

These are some of the best Fortnite players who inspire you to up your game!